Fantini Cosmi Intellitherm C55

This might be a no-brainer, but since it took me a few attempts to solve and googling didn't reveal any good hints, I'll put up the tip here in case someone has a similar issue.

If your Fantini Cosmi Intellitherm C55 thermostat either

  • keeps showing low battery warning, despite having a brand new set of batteries
  • or freezes in the "OFF" mode and refuses to operate (even after restarting or replacing batteries)

.. then remove the batteries altogether and let the thermostat deplete it's internal battery (until the display goes blank) .. in my case it took something like 15minutes+.

Surprisingly, the clock was still accurate and the pre-programmed temperatures still there after this kind of a reset. Turning the damn thing just "off and then on again" or removing the batteries for a short period of time (~1min) did not help in my case.

----- Tõlge: kui juhtub, et teie Fantini Cosmi Intellitherm C55 termostaat "hangub" või näitab järjekindlalt patareide tühjenemise hoiatust, siis tasub patareid vähe pikemaks ajaks välja võtta (kuni ekraanilt pilt kaob).

2 Responses to “Fantini Cosmi Intellitherm C55”

  1. Severine Says:

    Hi, I just move to a new flat with intellitherm C55.I can't figure out how it works! Can you help, I just want to programme it so that it warm when I come from work and in the morning.

    Thanks, Sev

  2. E:r Says:

    Sorry, I moved out of that place about a year ago. My suggestion is -

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